Surf’s up! The weather is (finally) getting warmer, and hopefully you’ll have the chance to relax near the water. What trip is complete without snacks, though? Many beaches (or pools, or lakes, or water parks) have “snack shacks” with tempting goodies. Don’t give in to temptation though! We consulted Lisa Cain, AKA Snack Girl, for some healthy snacking tips.  Read below to find out which snacks to skip, and what to eat in their place! Make these treats at home before you go so you don’t have to even consider the unhealthy options for sale.

Eat Baked Sweet Potato Chips, Not Potato Chips: Here’s a salty snack no-no, along with a tasty alternative. They are a crunchy and healthy treat that won’t leave you feeling guilty later in the day.  Click here to learn how to make this healthy snack.

baked sweet potato chips

Eat Berry + Honey Yogurt Popsicles, Not (other) Popsicles: The chilly sweet taste of the berry + honey yogurt popsicles will make you wonder why you ever bought sugary popsicles from the snack shack. The sweetness comes from nature, and can be adjusted to taste! Click here for the full recipe.

berry honey yogurt popsicle

Photo Credit: Cookie and Kate

Drink Green Tea Lemonade, Not Soda: It’s no secret that soda is bad for you! Add that to the fact that the prices of drinks at a snack shack are usually sky high and you have more than enough reasons to skip it. Instead, make a batch of green tea lemonade before you go. This way you can sip and be healthy and happy! Click here to see the recipe.

green tea lemonade

Photo Credit: Girl Makes Food

Eat a Cantaloupe Bowl With Blueberries and Yogurt, Not Frozen Yogurt: That’s right, that yummy cantaloupe can also be used as a serving dish! This clever trick lets you eat your healthy snack within a second healthy snack. (via Snack Girl)

snack girl cantaloupe bowl

Photo Credit: Snack Girl

Eat Roasted Chickpeas, Not Doritos: Sometimes it’s hard to resist the (fake) cheesy flavor of Doritos, but they are just one big, unhealthy mess. To avoid turning your fingers radioactive orange (and your backside into a whole other size), opt for these spicy roasted chickpeas! They pack a kick of flavor in a healthy way! (via Snack Girl)

snack girl chickpea

Photo Credit: Snack Girl

Eat a Cereal Bar, Not a Candy Bar: Buying a candy bar from the snack shack is Just a waste of your money and a sure way to add too many unhealthy calories to your diet. Instead, make these cereal bars at home, tossing in all your favorite fruits and nuts for a snack that will deliver sustained energy. (via Snack Girl)

snack girl breakfast bar

Photo Credit: Snack Girl

Eat One Ingredient Skinny Banana Ice Cream, Not (other) Ice Cream: Yes, you can make ice cream with only one ingredient! And on top of that, the one ingredient is healthy! This is a perfect recipe for any lactose-intolerant beach goers. Click here to see the super simple recipe.

one ingredient banana ice cream

Want to learn more about Snack Girl or see additional recipes? Visit her website here. Learn more about her book, Snack Girl to the Rescue, by clicking here.