The other day, I was feeling quite guilty and frumpy. I had not gone to the gym that morning as planned, due to events of the day. In fact, the whole week had been so nuts, that I had “stood myself up” on my gym dates for the week. *cue sad violin music and the “Price is Right” losing horn*

We went to visit my in-laws for the day and they live in townhouses that have an indoor community pool. It has been so awesome to go with them and swim with the boys any season of the year. “Coco” loves to dive after the football with Grandpa, and little “Bobo” plods along in his life jacket, playing choo-choo and pirate with Grandma. I jumped in and floated around a bit. Then it hit me—I can do a pool workout!

By the time we ended our two-hour pool-time fun, I had done countless scissor kicks, jump squats, butterfly kicks, and lots of arm work. I also grabbed the little guy and ran, jumped, and skipped across the pool so many times that we lost count. Sick of jump squats? Try them in a pool. Doing even the same old exercises you are used to while in the water makes them different and fun. By the time we got out, I felt that I had worked every part of my body and had gotten a very fun workout in. *cue rousing fiddle music*

So change up that workout! Hit the pool and try it out. Best of all, no special equipment is required—just your smiling face and healthy bod!

I enjoyed the pool workout so much, that I searched for some additional workouts for next time. Here is a great article from lifescript about the benefits of working out in the water, along with great exercises to try. Click here for the workouts.

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