Swim Suit Shopping

If you are like me, you see many celebrity moms have their babies and with in weeks are bikini ready on the beach. Well back here in reality, I am SLOWLY loosing the last bit of my baby weight. I am nowhere near comfortable enough to walk around in a bikini just yet.

As summer approaches, it’s that time again to go bathing suit shopping, and I am dreading it more this year than ever before.  I think the the most important thing when bathing suit shopping is finding something that you feel confident in. You can do this by bringing out your strengths and down playing your weaknesses. Here is a guide to finding the perfect suit for your body type.

Belly Control

If you are looking for complete tummy coverage, make sure you stick with a matte fabric, because shine will only highlight everything. Steer clear of crazy patterns or designs. Stay away from tankini’s and try to find a suit that has a low cut top or high leg to draw attention away form the middle. There are several options out there for one pieces that are very flattering and sexy. One in particular is a brand called miracle suits which sucks in the tummy and has a built in push up bra.


For this body type it is best to try and stay away from triangle tops and high necklines. It may push your boobs together too much and might end up being uncomfortable for you. Try to stay a away from patterns and stripes, as this will only draw more attention to them. Instead look for solid colors with a built in bra or push up  for support and even some halters could do wonders.


For curvier ladies, you can still look at suits with stripes but just make sure they are vertical or angled across your body. Stay away from crazy patters and any type of bikinis with strings or ties that could dig into your skin. A great bathing suit style for this body type is the wrap bathing suits.

Small Busted

I fell into this category before I had my son and a great trick to accentuate a small bust is any push up or underwire suit, as well as things like ruffles or beading that add some volume.

After much debate, I decided I would go with a monokini. I like this option for me because it covers my lower belly (still have a few lines I need to get rid of) but has the sides and the back cut out which still makes me feel sexy.Whatever makes you feel beautiful is key to finding the perfect swimming suit.  Summer will be here before we know it! Happy shopping.


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