I’ve wanted to switch up my workout for a while now, and when I found the Ballet Body with Leah Sarago DVD, I jumped for joy. Literally. As a former ballet dancer, I know how important it is to strengthen and lengthen muscles. This DVD designed by Leah does just that. It looks deceptively easy and does not require any equipment to complete the workout except for a mat. There are three workouts in the series that each focus on different areas of the body by using movements inspired by ballet, dance, Pilates and yoga. These workouts integrate body-weight resistance with muscle-elongating techniques. I liked the fact that these workouts are suitable for all fitness levels and that because each workout is sold separately as a DVD single, exercisers can choose which section of their body they want to focus on. I chose the Core Workout. (photo credit)


My stomach has always been my trouble area.  I’ll admit that I was one of those pregnant women that ate what I wanted, when I wanted it.  Each of my pregnancies also resulted in lengthy bed rest that didn’t allow for me to continue exercising, and my once-toned mid section became a nice round squishy area suitable for cuddling babies, but not for buttoning my skinny jeans. An exercise that promised to flatten my midsection and develop core strength without me needing to remember weights, resistance bands or any other such torture device (I mean, workout aid) sounded like a workout that I could find the time to do consistently. (photo credit)

My first time using the DVD, I only watched it. I wanted to get a good idea of just how difficult the movements would be and whether or not I could actually do the workout without falling all over myself. Since I do a lot of my exercising in my class room after school hours, I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t look like an idiot if someone happened to venture into my room in the midst of said workout. I was impressed with how easy Leah made it look. She moved seamlessly from one sequence to the next and didn’t seem to feel the need to lift up her shirt every five seconds to show me how awesome her abs were. I could tell how awesome they were just from watching her progression into side planks. I desired those abs.


When I finally moved from just watching the DVD to actually attempting the workout, I realized just how intense the workout is. As I said before, Leah makes it look deceptively easy. I recognized a lot of ballet and luckily my muscles remembered how to plie.  The promise of flattening my midsection and developing core strength to obtain strong abs and a “bikini-ready belly” was not a lie. Just after approximately two weeks of using the DVD, I can already tell a difference in my stomach area as well as in my flexibility. One thing I love about ballet is the feeling that your muscles are being elongated. Leah does this by incorporating exercises that specifically support the spine and back. This support is so important to a dancer’s core and after two weeks of using this workout, I can tell I’m walking just a bit taller. Are you totally envisioning that scene from Center Stage where all the dancers are walking down the street? I am. (photo credit)

Regardless of whether or not you desire to leap across the stage in a leotard, this DVD is really suitable to anyone, even those without a background in dance like myself. If you’re looking for a solid workout that keeps you focusing on those target muscles from start to finish, this is your DVD and this incredible 45-minute core workout is for you!

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