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Being a mom who works full time is tough. At times, I feel like one of those circus performers who balances spinning plates in the air, and I can spin a LOT of plates at once. Yesterday, my daughter was home sick, so that threw a whole new twist to the normally complicated plot. Though it is a challenge, here are a few things I do to help manage all of the many moving parts of being a working mom.

Time management: My schedule is so hectic that people often ask me how I get it all done. The answer is that I am incredibly diligent about planning my days. I keep a day planner with me at all times and also keep my schedule on my phone. I try to schedule every minute of my day, from important clients, to my own workouts, to buying more bananas! I have found that scheduling every detail actually gives me MORE time. I stay focused on one thing at a time, because I know when I will get to each thing I need or want to do. I feel less stressed knowing I will be cleaning the house on Sunday afternoon, so no big deal if the bathrooms are messy today. And if my kid gets sick, I don’t feel overwhelmed about everything falling apart, I simply reschedule things. Also, when I finish all my tasks for each day, I discover more free time!

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Task management: Speaking of tasks, let’s talk delegation. What tasks are you doing each day that you loathe, feel are repetitive, or seem to suck too much of your time? These are things you can delegate to someone else. Get the kids to help you with household chores. If housework is distracting you from focusing on your income-producing activities or family time, consider hiring someone. There is SOMEONE out there who needs the work! If technology baffles you, find a virtual assistant. Free yourself from the mundane and frustrating so you can get back to doing what you do best!


Stress management: What are you doing to manage your stress? Are you doing anything at all? A few minutes of meditation every day is essential to keeping it together as a busy working mom. Meditation does not have to be a big ceremony with incense and candles. It could be five minutes of closing your eyes and focusing only on your breath prior to opening all those emails. It can also be in the form of zoning out to your favorite music on a run through a serene, scenic location. One more way to fit in stress management is to listen to personal development or motivational material while you drive. We ALL spend a ton of time on the road, so why not take advantage of it? Just be sure to schedule time for yourself to slow down a little each day. It will make all the other chaos manageable.

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Balancing work and being a mom is not always easy. Just being a mom is already tough enough in itself! But, when I am keeping all the plates spinning smoothly, I can feel calm and proud of myself in the midst of this circus I call life!