The wonder of nature shouldn’t be restricted to kids. Take a moment and breathe in the spring air. Look around you and appreciate the blooming greenery. You backyard is like a free craft store! From the twigs to the leaves, supplies are in a abundance. Grab the kids or take a moment for yourself and “shop” around. Once you’ve gathered up your materials, check out these 10 crafts! Some are designated for the kids and a few are sprinkled in for you!

Click the craft title for full instructions.

1. Leaf Prints by Build/Make/Craft/Bake: We had to start off with this classic craft! This particular tutorial and crafter has some great tools to make these frame-worthy (with a little adhesive).


2. Owl Mask by Fun-Stuff-To-Do: This is such a great idea! You can take it and make your own animal themes: dragons, monsters, anything! Experiment with the textures and encourage your kids to be imaginative.


3. Twig Coasters by Martha Stewart: Some readers suggest making these out of cinnamon sticks for an extra fresh scent!


4. Twig Dragon Flies by 5 Orange Potatoes: After they glued these adorable dragon flies together, they strung them up on a mobile! The result was so adorable and rustic! I also want to try the twig easels they made.


5. DIY Gold Twig Bracelets by a pair and a spare: I’m not sure how long these will last, but they do turn out beautiful! With the proper treatment of the wood, and picking a root-like branch you will increase the longevity two-fold. The original bracelet is made with soft hanging roots from a fig tree.


6. Flower Petal Light Box by The Artful Parent: Seize the beauty of the spring flowers in bloom and make a gorgeous lit display! Don’t worry, this project isn’t too detailed and the kids can help every step of the way!


7. Rock Animals by Martha Stewart Crafts: Re-imagine the pet rock. Paint the rocks the pattern of a turtle’s shell and use piping, construction paper or other rocks for the head and limbs!


8. Leaf Crown by Twig and Toadstool: Technically theses were made with Autumn maple leaves, but the fresh green leaves of early summer will do just fine! The really neat thing about this craft is it takes no additional supplies. You simply weave the steams through the leaves: no gluing or stitching!


9. Branch Weaving by Natural Suburbia: This is a great way to teach your daughter some secret tricks of the trade. Introduce her to the foundations of looming, sewing and stitching with this super simple activity. You can add flowers, acorns and other twigs to make a seasonal wall decoration.


10. DIY Branch Jewelry Display by Ironically Jenna: How beautiful is this display for bracelets and necklaces?! I love the organic look. Plus it’s a better design than other DIY branch displays because the foundation is so sound.