There's No Place Like Home

Home Sweet Home

Well, I am happy to say that I survived the road trip with our five children. I am still sane and have yet to discover a new gray hair.

The first day, we discovered that out DVD player was broken. Not so good at the moment, but we made do without it for the 10 hour drive. As for the second day, I purchased a new DVD player first thing in the morning. This was definitely a saving grace for the last two days of driving. I also had a secret stash of new toys and travel activity sets to pass around when the kids got a little antsy.

We saw over 72 trains, two bad car accidents, a train derailment, elk on the side of the road, countless oil wells, numerous semi’s responded to our oldest son’s arm out the window with a loud honk!!! This was probably the best part. The kids just giggled and laughed and could hardly wait until the next semi. So, to all you truckers out there…a great BIG “Thank You”!!

Our time spent with family and friends back home in AZ was wonderful! We were able to catch up and reminisce with some, introduce our children to a couple cousins they had not met yet, and create new memories to treasure. For those of you whom we were not able to meet up with, you’re on the top of the list for our next visit. We love and miss you all!

The road trip home was just as great. We brought grandma back with us for a visit. I don’t believe the kids wore her out too much as she still loves them dearly after being confined with them in our suburban for three days.

It feels great to be home. There’s nothing like your own bed, clean sheets, and a steady routine. Not to mention the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables spilling from our garden is heavenly.