Hard to believe September is already here!  I feel like the month of August flew by as this past weekend, I found myself scrambling to get in one more day at the pool before it closes for the season, and I felt the reminder too, as I had to wear long sleeves for my morning run as the temperature had fallen into the 60s today.

Yes, August is over and I am coming to terms that sadly my Summer has ended:(  At the beginning of August, I challenged myself along with all of you to do the 30/40/50 challenge and of course in true Katie fashion she added the 60 second plank to make it more challenging and so it became the 30/40/50/60 challenge.  (There is one thing that I have learned about Katie and that is when it comes to exercise she is always going to make it challenging and I love her for this!)  I can proudly say that I did the challenge every day in August except for 2 days!!  I also continued to run as part of one of my earlier challenges and I have developed quite a passion for running these days.  I can defiantly tell that the pushups have made me stronger and my booty has more of a perk because of all of those squats, so I would have to say that the challenge was a success for me!  I would love to hear how you did on the challenge….what you liked, what you changed, and if you plan to continue with the challenge!

I know that I have missed a few days in September but I want to start a new challenge for this month, no time like the present, and I am sure that you all can agree with the Labor Day holiday, things have been a little crazy.  This months challenge is called the “Back to Basics” Challenge as I wanted to incorporate basic exercises and even one old school exercise that I could do every morning when I wake up.  I want to be able to jump out of bed, get in a quick workout ,and feel energized to get moving with my day.  I am going to challenge myself to do these exercises every day and I hope that you will commit to doing the challenge with me!  I would love to hear your comments on Facebook and Twitter or send us a video of you doing the challenge or write us a blog and we will be sure to post it to help motivate other mamas and friends to do the same.  Hit me up anytime at [email protected]

Back To Basics Challenge

Start with 15 Burpees

Now that your heart rate is up, move right into 30 Jumping Jacks

Cool down and finish off with 60 Bicycle Crunches