skinny jeans

If you stepped into my closet than you would immediately notice my love for blue jeans! I feel so comfortable in a great pair of jeans that before I became pregnant, I had accumulated quite the jean collection. In fact, right before finding out I was pregnant, I had just purchased a great pair of jeans that I felt amazing in! To my disappointment, 12 weeks into my pregnancy, my jeans would no longer fit me and I forced myself to push them back into the corner of my closet where they had been accumulating dust, that is until now.

As of last week, I am happy to report that not only can I get back into my blue jeans, but I can walk in them, a feat that had not been accomplished until now, without the help of a pair of Spanx® and some crazy jumping around to get the jeans on all the way, LOL!  I will be the first to admit that they don’t fit as great as they once did, as my hips are a bit wider and my entire body has changed, but who cares, I can wear them!

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I would like to thank the stair-master step mill, my jogging stroller, and Del Monte for making grapefruit cups, as all of these things made fitting back into my jeans possible. All joking aside, I do want to say that it has taken me almost 6 months to get back into my skinny jeans and it has taken a lot of hard work to get there. With that being said, my message is, that regardless of where you are at right now, it is possible to reach your fitness goals…whatever they might be.


Photo Credit: Wal-Mart

Here are few tips to jump-start you on your journey to getting back into your skinny jeans!

Make it real: Whatever your goal is, take the time to write it down on an index card and place it in your car where you will see it everyday.

Plan it out: Write down your plan of action to make this goal happen and make it attainable. Maybe it is to start working out 5 days a week, or to throw out the junk food in your pantry. Make a plan and force yourself to follow it.

Learn to forgive yourself: If you mess up or have a bad day on your journey towards reaching your fitness goal, don’t be too hard on yourself. Often times, if we mess up we will just say forget it and start over the next day. Unfortunately, the next day turns into the next week, and that creates a vicious cycle. If you mess up, forgive yourself immediately, and start back to eating clean or working out at the next meal or workout session.

Getting back into my skinny jeans wasn’t an easy task; however, with a little hard work and determination it was possible. Once you’ve identified your goals, do everything you can to make them a reality.