Who ever said black and brown doesn’t go together is wrong! It has never looked better. Black is a wonderful forgiving color. But, sometimes it gets a little drab. When you do color pops, it helps liven up the look. For some reason, though, brown has been left off the list.

Bring it back with accessories, ladies! A brown riding boot goes great with a long, black skirt or even a black blouse with denim. Just because they are both base colors doesn’t mean they don’t play off each other nicely. One key to adding brown accessories is staying away from “matchy, matchy” while also keeping the same hue. For example, if you have a reddish brown boot, compliment it with a worn, lighter brown leather belt.

As you can see, tan and camel colors are a hot trend in riding boots. Accenting these with cream colors and off-whites is a nice touch. Denim jackets and button-ups also look awesome with these colors! Blue and orange just seem to be the perfect color pops for these neutrals. However, floral and animal prints work as well.

Southwestern accents are also great for this look. Some tarnished silver and turquoise will pop. Don’t be afraid of gold accents either. Keep this mix and match theme throughout the look to totally pull it off. Silver AND gold bracelets or chain necklaces mesh the black and brown even more!

Dare to break the fashion rules, I promise it will pay off!