Having a new baby with sensitive skin in my house has caused me to rethink the products my entire family uses. When he broke out with a terrible rash from a popular baby lotion, I read the back of the bottle and was shocked when the only ingredient I recognized was good old H2O. I was even more horrified when I started researching these chemicals and learned that they were known to cause cancer, induce allergies and even cause hormone disruption. We’re supposed to use these on our children?! No thank you!

So I set out in search of the purest, natural products I could find. I was given the opportunity to try Baby Spa’s Stage 1 and 2 Moisturizing Body Lotions and Soothing Face Creams. Each stage is formulated for your child’s age group, and contains natural plant-based ingredients. Trust me, when you look at the back of the bottle and see things like jojoba oil, pomegranate, honey, and organic aloe, your jaw won’t drop like it does with most products on the market today. The Stage 2 Moisturizing Body Lotion even contains nyamplug oil, a natural SPF booster, which is great because sunscreen is one of the most chemical-laden body products out there.

My oldest son (7) suffers from dry skin so he has been using the Stage 2 lotion and face cream, and he loves them! He likes the smell, which is a natural citrus fragrance, and the fact that his hands and face aren’t cracking with dryness. I have also been using the Stage 1 lotion and face cream on my 3 month-old, which has kept his sensitive skin baby soft and rash free! I love that these BabySpa products are both effective and healthy for their skin, which is a combo that is frustratingly hard to find. I look forward to trying out some of BabySpa’s many other natural products!

I would recommend these products from BabySpa for all moms – not just those who have kids with sensitive skin. For more information or to order please visit