I have a confession to make…I follow a lot of pages on facebook!! Yup, I am a social media junkie!! 🙂 My MOST favorite pages being all things fitness, healthy eating, etc. I find by surrounding myself with “like minded” individuals it inspires and motivates me to live a healthy lifestyle.

A  couple of months ago I  started following the “B.N. Shape Clothing” page and enjoyed reading their daily posts, and later falling in LOVE with their vision……

Which is as quoted ”  We represent a community of people who share a unique passion for attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and active living.  Our community is disciplined, willing to fight the daily temptations of unhealthy living in order to meet our goals and maintain our well-being.  We are focused, breaking through every roadblock and tackling every challenge toward the pursuit of our fitness goals and athletic dreams.  We are mavericks, unwilling to settle for anything average and normal, because we strive for excellence in all that we do.  We are the hardest workers, pushing ourselves to the extreme limit every day, because anything less is unacceptable.  We climb mountains.  We embrace what others fear.  We do the impossible.  We are professional athletes, students, bodybuilders, fitness models, and full-time employees.  We are mothers and fathers.  We are sons and daughters.  Our attitude not only applies to fitness, athletics, and our bodies, but it applies to our lives.  No matter the background, ethnicity, or job description, we are all the same.  B.N Shape is not just clothing.  It is an attitude.  It is a mindset.  It is a lifestyle.  In mind, body, and soul, there is no greater feeling than to B.N. Shape.”

These words speak VOLUMES to me! I live my life believing this very same philosophy, striving to be my very BEST everyday and trying to inspire those around me to be theirs. Every single person deserves this and to “B.N. Shape“!!

It doesn’t stop there though. Upon researching a little more, I learned just how remarkable  B.N. Shape is and how it differentiates itself from other fitness clothing lines:

1.  Unique Clothing – B.N. Shape specializes in both fitness casual and athletic wear, allowing you to express your passion for healthy living in every aspect of your life, both inside and outside of the gym!

2.  Community Outreach – B.N. Shape actively participates in community outreach programs that support our vision for a healthy, fit community.  Through nutritional education, fitness programs, and disease prevention, they will continue to work with schools and non-profit organizations to improve the health of individuals across the globe!

3.  Motivation & Support – B.N. Shape is dedicated to using social media to interact with and encourage the B.N. Shape community to strive for and reach their athletic, fitness, or health goals!

Pretty AMAZING right!?!

Dr. Dozie Onunkwo developed the B.N.Shape clothing line after turning his own unhealthy habits around and embracing the healthy living lifestyle. Happy with the results he saw, Dr.Dozie wanted to give back and inspire everyone around him to B.N Shape too!!

Needless to say, I am  pretty STOKED for this opportunity to review “B.N. Shape Clothing”!! LOVING what the company stands for, and for the fact that I LIVE in fitness wear!!  Whether wearing it to take my kids to school, shopping, hanging around the house, or for the obvious – working out. There are a few things I look for in fitness clothing.  I want something that is stylish, yet comfortable, and durable enough to withstand constant wear. The “B.N. Shape Clothing” line  delivers that and so much more!! Not only is it totally comfortable, but when wearing the tank with “I <3 Being in Shape” written in big letters across the front,  it makes me feel, well, in shape!! 🙂 I also received a lot of smiles, nods and positive comments as well –  I think EVERYONE love’s that feeling of  “Being in Shape“, so If I can inspire someone to live a healthier life while wearing my tank…then I say it is the tank that just keeps giving! 😉

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Product was provided for this post. However, opinions expressed here are my own.