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Morgan Smith
My story: As a former competitive dancer and dance instructor, I have always enjoyed fitness, but started taking it more seriously after I had my first son in 2005. I enjoy many types of workouts, including strength-training, dance, barre, yoga, Spinning and of course, a love/hate relationship with running. I am planning to run my first half marathon in January 2015. I reside in Charleston, SC. Outside of fitness, I enjoy going to the beach, painting in my studio, spending time with friends, blogging and a nice glass of red wine.
Proud mama of: Tanner (11/6/05), Breckin (8/8/10, Baby Girl (Due 5/15/14) and our Boston Bulldog, Sugar.
My favorite fitness product: I'm all about having clothes that look good and last long.
If I could train with one person, living or dead, it would be: Jillian Michaels - I know she'd kick my butt.
My favorite skinny recipe: Skinny Blackberry Banana Smoothie - I love my breakfast smoothies!
If I could eat one food as often as I wanted without worry, it would be: Cheesecake
Three things on my bucket list are: 1} Run a half marathon 2} Become a personal trainer 3} Sell my art in my Etsy shop
My celebrity crush is: Adam Levine...I think we'd get along.
Most played song on my workout playlist: Most likely anything by Britney Spears.
Last thing I read: The blogs on my BlogLovin' feed.
My favorite quote: "A woman should be two things; classy & fabulous." - Coco Chanel

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