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Marylou Nagel

Marylou Nagel is Prairie Power Mama, representing the great state of South Dakota! She lives in a small South Dakota town with her husband of fifteen years and their two boys. As you will read, there is never a dull moment with those boys of hers, and she wouldn't trade it for the world! Her journey to fitness is a long one, but she is so happy about the decision to live healthy and to be strong! With consistently healthier choices and a love affair with her gym, she has been able to maintain a strong, healthy size. Running and weight training are her choices for a stress relievers, as well as a great way to take some time for herself in between basketball games and play dates.
Marylou is all about connections and cherishing time with loved ones. She firmly believes that God puts people in our lives for a reason, so we should make the most of our time together and live as happily and as positively as possible. Life is a blessing!
As her town's newspaper reporter, she feels fortunate for the opportunity to meet some of the best people in the world! She loves ultra strong coffee, old farmsteads, concerts, dancing, traveling to new places, and cheering on her sons (as well as their favorite sports teams). Marylou is really excited to learn about your journeys. She hopes to encourage each and every one of you, especially those striving to live healthier lives in rural areas. It can be done!

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