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Jill McOwen

Better known as "Foodtastic Mom," Jill is a full-time mom of two in Cincinnati. Like her blog name implies, she loves to "play" with her food. Although she balances her part-time job as the Assistant Director of Children's Ministry at her church with being a mom and wife, she certainly doesn't consider herself a supermom. Jill admits to resorting to cold cereal for dinner sometimes, and please, don’t get her started on her (lack of) organizational skills. Despite the chaos, she's remained balanced in the kitchen. Baking and cooking have always been her number one hobbies. It's taken years of practice, but she has become an accomplished home cook. The kitchen is the one place she can always go if she needs to feel “super.” Her husband Tom, her 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter follow in her hectic footsteps. The kiddos like to get muddy, ride their bikes, climb things they probably shouldn’t and play in their woods. People assume they were born adventurous eaters, but Jill can assure they were not. It’s only through her sheer willpower to not become a short order cook that they are now, finally, starting to appreciate their mom's cooking. In addition to blogging, Jill enjoys music, yoga, swimming, reading, finding ways to laugh and spending time outdoors.

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