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Heather Foley

Allow myself to introduce, myself. And if you’re still reading after that outdated Austin Powers reference, then yay, you’re my kind of people.  My name is Heather Foley and I’m your new blogger for the Boston area.  I’m really excited to be writing for skinnymom.com, mostly because it’s so much cooler than the other gig I was offered over at hoardermom.com.  A few quick things about me, I love philosophy flavored lip-gloss, Lululemon gear, my bathrobe, stiff-leg deadlifts, Sam the Eagle, my TV, and pencil skirts.  Oh yeah and my family and friends.  I do not care for mayonnaise, Entourage, or visible panty lines.  I own roughly 123 cookbooks and have made 7 recipes from these cookbooks.  My general attitude towards life is that it’s way too short to take everything so seriously.  If you can’t laugh when you drop a crock-pot full of chicken chili or split your pants at work you will absolutely go insane, and not fun Kathy Griffin insane, but Margot Kidder insane.  I try to find the humor in everyday situations and I challenge you to do the same.  I’m going to be writing about all things health fitness in the Boston area, so if you have any suggestions or hot tips let me know!

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