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Emily Allen

My story: After being obese for over a decade, I finally decided it was time for a change. I cleaned up my diet by cutting out (most) processed foods and finding an exercise routine that I love. When I'm done exercising in the mornings, I spend my days taking care of my beautiful little girls, working at home doing medical transcription and freelance writing, and spending as much time as possible with my handsome husband. I have become obsessed with all things health and nutrition, and I spend much of my free time studying nutrition, researching recipes, cooking yummy food, and writing about everything I learn on my food blog.

Read more from me at thatswhatieat.com!

Proud mama of: Miquela, Leannan, and Rebekah.

My favorite fitness product: Sounds silly, but I love my yoga mat! It is sage green and has the prettiest design on it. Somehow having pretty workout gear makes it easier to pull the mat out each day!

If I could train with one person, living or dead, it would be: Tracy Anderson. I'm a little scared of her because she seems so intense, but at the same time it would be a dream come true!

My favorite skinny recipe: The Simple + Savory 6 Step Stir Fry.

If I could eat one food as often as I wanted without worry, it would be: Ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream!

Three things on my bucket list are: 1. Learn to do the cup song from Pitch Perfect, even though I'm sure I'm the last one on earth who still can't do it. 2. Eat regional food in France, Italy, and Greece. Those places are supposed to have such amazing food, and someday I am going to go experience it for myself! 3. Have the most amazing garden complete with a beautiful greenhouse. I have tried so many times to be a good gardener, but mostly I am just great at growing weeds. Lots, and lots, and lots of very tall weeds!

My celebrity crush is: Johnny Depp, always and forever.

Most played song on my workout playlist: “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5.

Last thing I read: This is supposed to be a secret, but here goes. I am almost finished with “Memory of Light” by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson. I am a total fantasy nerd who can quote Star Trek and Lord of the Rings and would love to go to Comic Con someday. Especially, if I can wear a mask so no one knows it's me.

My favorite quote: "Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but in getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see it is what you would have wanted had you known." - Garrison Keillor.

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