brooke jump rope

There’s not a whole lot of time to work out in between all the craziness of the motherhood, but it is crucial to stay in shape during this time of year! Temptation lies in sugar and carb-loaded treats around every bend, and it’s hard to curb every single one of those urges to stuff a cookie (or three) in your mouth. This at-home bootcamp will ensure that you get your workout in for the day, even if you have to wake up a half-hour early or do it during nap time.

You should complete each move below and repeat the entire circuit two to three more times depending on your circuit level. You can rest for five seconds in between each move, and a full minute between each circuit.

Jump Rope (1:30): This might bring you back to your high school days in P.E.! Jump rope is a great move to start out with because it gets your heart rate up, your blood flowing and your muscles warmed up. It targets your thighs, calves, shoulders and back all while providing you with some killer cardio. If you don’t have a jump rope, don’t worry about it; you can just do the movements without it. Jump rope for a minute and 30 seconds. Here’s how!

Squats (2:00): Squats build muscle in your glutes and quads like no other move can. Do this one for two straight minutes without giving up! Click here to see how to do it. If you’re already a pro at squats and want something more intense, try a power squat!


Lunges (1:00): Lunges are a staple in every workout circuit because they build muscle in your glutes, hamstrings and quads, and you can easily increase their intensity to burn even more calories. Do them for a full minute. Here’s how!

Scissor Kicks (1:00): It’s ab time! Scissor kicks strengthen your back and core. Break out your yoga mat and get to work! Do this one for a full minute. Click here to see the move.

Mountain Climbers (1:00): Time to amp up the cardio so you can get sweaty and singe some fat! Mountain climbers are the perfect move to both build muscle and get your heart rate back in its target zone. Do mountain climbers for a full minute. See it done here!

Superman (0:30): Embrace your inner superhero with this move! You’ll feel it in your lower lumbar muscles and abs. Do it for 30 seconds without stopping! Here’s how to do it.


Pushups (0:30): Ah, the classic pushup. Do as many as you can for 30 seconds; your upper body will thank you later! Here’s how.

Jumping Jacks (2:00): Finish the circuit strong by doing jumping jacks for a solid two minutes. They’ll keep your heart rate up in its target zone so you can burn the maximum amount of calories, plus you’ll work and tone your hips, thighs and glutes. Here’s how to do jumping jacks.

That’s one set. Rest for a full minute and get back to work, repeating the circuit two or three more times. Work your way up so that you can do four circuits! Happy bootcamping!