I went to a fitness show yesterday and was amazed by the physique’s of the women who were competing.  Let me first state that this was a natural show so no drugs were used.  Some of these women were moms, some older women, some were teenagers and college aged girls…but most of them had been “all in” for their training and diet for 16 or more weeks.  They had been dedicated, passionate and sometimes probably over the top about their competition. I’ve been there…well kind of.

I prepped for two competitions last year.  While I was more than all in on my workouts, I was only all in about 75% of the time on my diet and that is why I didn’t do well at the comps. In my case, genetics and age play a huge role in my contest prep and neither are on my side. So when I walked on stage I knew in my heart that people would score ahead of me because I hadn’t been all in.  Now mind you, there are women who are genetically gifted to eat whatever they want, train very little and still look fabulous. That’s not me and that is probably not many of you. So in short, I fell short of my goals last year when competing both times.


To really achieve your goals you have to put your head down and get to work.  You have to be all in most of the time.  One of the trainers at the kettlebell gym once said when you cheat or eat like a kid in a candy store it is a sign of immaturity. Eat like an adult. He was so right! I was eating like a 4 year old who had been given free range to eat anything.  Eat like you expect your kids to eat. You wouldn’t let them eat chips all day long, so why do you do it?

I read on Skinny Mom’s Facebook page all of the goals that the women who follow us want to achieve. To do that, you must be or have the following:

  1. Have the correct mindset to achieve the goal. Partial mental preparation won’t get the job done.
  2. Be open and willing to change your lifestyle. It’s not a diet, it’s a new way of life.
  3. Don’t count on cheerleaders. They are nice to have but aren’t always available. You are your own cheerleader; you need to get it done for you.
  4. This is your goal, you journey and your destination. Don’t go for your goal because you want to show others, get back at others, etc. Do this for YOU!


I was only half in for my first two competitions and journeys. It’s time to be all in! It has taken a long time for me to be mentally prepared for it, but I think I am there. If you aren’t all in, you will only get mediocre results. Sometimes the goals you set are too lofty for a certain time in your life, so set attainable goals…goals that you can achieve. Remember this is your goal, so make it your responsibility and then go achieve that goal.