Are you a runner?
Running has become one of the most popular exercises out there for women. Actually the half-marathon distance is being taken over by women at races all over the country. I recently made the decision to do a half marathon this fall. When I started running last summer running for 30 seconds was a huge struggle, so the thought of running for 13.1 miles seems crazy in a way. The neat thing about running is if you take it slow and gradually build your mileage and time your endurance will come with it and before you know it you have run an entire mile.

There are several runs across the nation now just for women. I think these kinds of runs would make awesome girl getaway trips that would be centered on something healthy. Some of the bigger runs even have firefighters putting necklaces around your neck at the end of the run, instead of a medal. They offer chocolate and champagne at the finish line and have expos that are geared toward the needs of women.

Here are a few quick tips to get started on your running journey-
*Check with your doctor if you are not currently active or if you are overweight.
*Find a race that you would like to participate in and SIGN UP. (Committing with the money helps you commit to the training) I recommend a 5k to begin with if you have no running experience.
*Find a training plan (several online) that matches the race distance that you would like to run.
*Sit down with your calendar and plan out your entire training schedule. WRITE IT and you will do it!
*Start slow, there is no reason to try to go fast, there will be time to increase your speed. For now, just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Before you know it the day of your first race will be here. Don’t worry about being a new runner at a race; there are always all levels of people at races. Runners are friendly and motivating people that cheer others on and encourage them to finish.

Good luck on your path to becoming a runner. The hardest step is getting out the door!
Comment below and tell us your plans or about an upcoming race that you have signed up to participate in!

Image Via (www.materaphoto.com)