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Being healthy is definitely important to me. However, it isn’t always easy for me. I am a working mom, and sometimes, no matter how hard I might try and plan out the week, I find myself running out to lunch or stopping somewhere on my way home for dinner and eating foods that aren’t healthy for me. Lately, this has been happening more than usual, and I knew it was time to take control and give my body a bit of a jumpstart. That’s when I decided to try a 3-day juice cleanse.

To do a cleanse, there were a few things that I had to make sure of before I would start. First, it had to be simple. I don’t have the time to be running to various grocery stores looking for wild and crazy ingredients or cleaning up fruit and veggie pulp for days. I needed to have the work taken out of it for me. Second, it had to actually taste good. If it didn’t taste good to me, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick with it. Third, I wanted to understand all the ingredients in the cleanse. There are so many products out there that have all kinds of things in them, and for me, using those products would be defeating one of the main reasons I was doing the cleanse. I wanted to flush out the “crap” and add some nutrients back in to my body.

I wasn’t familiar with many cleanses, so when I was introduced to the Skinny Limits Juice Cleanse and read about their products I knew this could potentially work for me. The first thing that jumped out to me on their homepage was “No Processing. Our Juice Is ALIVE.” Hmmm….alive? That was something I wasn’t completely familiar with. Thankfully, the Skinny Limits website is packed full of great information and I quickly learned a lot about cleansing and raw foods.


There were also testimonials from real customers all throughout their site attesting to how easy and delicious the juices were! Check and check! That is exactly what I needed to hear! The more I read through their site, the more I knew this was the cleanse for me. I could order the cleanse on their website, have everything delivered to my door and start immediately (which is actually what they suggest).

Because doing a juice cleanse was something new for me, I decided to just try their 3-Day “Standard Juice Cleanse”.Ā  This cleanse is 6 drinks each day for 3 days. I took a look at the ingredients, and not only could I pronounce everything in the juices, but I actually knew every single ingredient and had purchased it myself at one time or another at my local grocery store. Apples. Spinach. Lemons. Kale. Cucumbers.

The morning after my cleanse was delivered, I got started. The first day was definitely the toughest for me. The flyer that came with the drinks said that the cleanse “wasn’t for sissies”, and they are right! Because I am so used to eating solid food every day, I found myself craving anything that crunched. Skinny Limits recommends that you eat as little as possible when cleansing for the best results, but if you need something, you can much on raw veggies, which is what I did. IĀ  I also had a dull headache the first day. I am pretty sure that is because I didn’t have any caffeine. By day two, I actually felt better. My headache was pretty much gone and I didn’t need to munch on the veggies as much. I really felt good! I wasn’t feeling deprived and it seemed like I had an increase in energy.


Day 3 was a little different for me. I ended up having some cravings and had some constipation with cramping. These are all common reactions, and Skinny Limits had said that if you DO have some reactions, that is a result of getting the “crap” out of your body. So, I knew it was working, which was good. I finished up the cleanse on a Sunday evening and by Monday morning, I could definitely tell a difference. Yes, I was craving solid food, but good, healthy, real food. Not processed or packaged food.

I am so glad I did the cleanse. I know my body was so glad too! It truly was the jumpstart I needed to get back on track with healthy eating. I would definitely do this again and would recommend it to anyone interested in taking a step towards a healthier way of living. If you want to find out more information on the cleanse and read about the tasty flavors offered, click here. Check out other user testimonies on their Facebook and Twitter page!