There are currently close to 800,000 apps available for you to download from iTunes. Yes – 800,000. If you count the apps that aren’t “active” anymore, but can still be found in the app store, there are actually over 1 million! There are apps for games,  apps for education, apps for music, apps for entertainment and reading, apps for productivity, managing your finances and apps just for kids. With all these apps available, sorting through and finding the best ones for you and your kids can be very time consuming and sometimes difficult.

Each week I will be posting a review on one paid app and one free app. All of these reviews will be on apps that I have tested out myself so you can feel confident knowing you are getting a first hand, working mom’s opinion of what is available for you to download. If you have specific apps that you want me to review, please feel free to leave a comment below with your ideas.

I am going to kick off this App Review Series with a couple of apps that I think are pretty great! Let me know if you have tried these out and what you think of them.


Pinterest Logo
My dad gave my mom an iPad for Christmas this year. She was so excited and we had a great time playing around with it and getting it all set up for her. However, after all the excitement had settled down, and she figured out how to check her email, she looked at me and said, “now what?” Ummmm…what do you mean “now what”, I thought? Now you start downloading apps and the real fun begins! Because she doesn’t have a phone that she can download apps on, this was all new to her. No worries – I know exactly what you need. Pinterest. Oh yeah. Her very first app on her brand new iPad is Pinterest. Because of my love of Pinterest, I was absolutely giddy with excitement to get it set up for her and log her in.
Pinterest Screen Shot

For me, adding the Pinterest app to your phone or tablet is a no-brainer, especially if you already have a Pinterest account on your computer that you use. The newest version, 2.1.1, is a much improved version over the past few, and I have experienced very few hiccups when using it. Yes, it is still as addicting on a phone or tablet as it is on the computer, so my advice is to make sure you have some extra time on your hands before launching it. If you have a tablet, such as an iPad, you are going to love using the app even more. It is organized, simple and really fun to use (and can’t we all use a little more FUN in our lives?!)

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Audrey’s App Rating: 4 out of 5 (because it can become a distraction and take up a lot of your time)



Math Ninja app
My daughter is 7 now and in the second grade and when it comes to math skills, we are definitely struggling. Give her a book or anything hands-on and my girl does great. However, show her some numbers and tell her to count a few things up and it is like talking to a completely different child. Numbers are just difficult for her (which she gets very honestly from me). Since she loves to play on my iPhone and iPad, I recently asked one of my 2nd grade teacher friends if she knew of any apps that might be fun and help her with her math. She suggested Math Ninja.

I started out with the free version, but you can only get so far in to the game. It was a great test though to see if she would even be interested in the paid version before I spent the money. I quickly found out that it was going to be a great investment – into an app and my daughter’s education. The

Math Ninja screen shot
creators of this app have combined action and learning and made this a fun game that kids won’t even know they are learning from. This is a great app for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. My one negative is that they do use quite a few weapons and some may view this as mildly violent. I would suggest trying out the free version to start with and testing it yourself if you are concerned.

If you want to stay away from anything that suggests fighting, but still want a good app for help with math, I will be reviewing another app in the next few weeks that you may find more appropriate for your child. Stay tuned!

Audrey’s App Rating: 4 out of 5 (because of the potential violence)