Looking to add something new to your workout routine? Check out Kathryn Budig Aim True Yoga by Gaiam! I fully admit I know nothing about yoga; I do stretch frequently after my long runs and enjoy my foam rolling, but have never given yoga a “real” try until now.

This DVD offers 3 workouts on 1 video. The first section is called Beginner’s Practice (25 minutes), then Authentic Flow (45 minutes), and last Yoga Poses Demystified (10 minutes). Kathryn offers many suggestions and variations throughout the video. It does move fairly quickly, so if you are unfamiliar with yoga poses I highly recommend just watching the video through once. I often found myself trying to stretch my neck to see the TV while I was trying to hold the pose. Watching the video through before trying the poses may help alleviate that problem.  I also feel that even the beginner section is fairly advavnced, so just do what you can and learn the poses.

The nice thing about a yoga DVD is you really only need you and the video, the problem with trying to do a yoga DVD as a busy mom is that yoga is about relaxation. There are rarely times in my house that I would be able to do this DVD and truly relax unless I was locked in my basement at naptime! Which isn’t entirely a bad idea. All joking aside, this will definitely be a DVD that I add to my workout routine, especially to help stretch my muscles during my current half marathon training plan.

To find out more or to purchase Kathryn Budig’s Aim True Yoga DVD, click here.

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