You look good for your age

Something odd occurred when I wasn’t paying attention.  Suddenly I was in my 40’s.  This sentence was hard to type, let alone to say aloud.  It didn’t cross my mind much until one day while enjoying a nice lunch with my daughter and she started to discuss my aging process and how much it bothered her.  Really? Bothered her?  She said she didn’t want me to get any older and could we please tell people I’m 39.  Why? I asked if it worried her.  “I don’t want you to age and just stay the way you are right now. Forever”.  I’m totally down with that if its possible.  Honestly, I thought I was still in my 20’s and found it strange that all those around me were getting older.

The realization that I had become older had me thinking that I should probably do some “stuff”.  A peel, microdermabrasion, facial, plumb, inject, firm, lotions, potions.  What?  There’s so much out there.  Once I took note of everything offered, I also noticed women in my age group weren’t really, well…aging.  Especially the celebrities with their no wrinkle face and not a gray to be found upon their head.  Forget putting stress on young girls to look perfect.  Try feeling the pressure of a 40-something that isn’t supposed to age.  Apparently, we are supposed to look like our daughters, have the wisdom of our age, and the know-how of putting it all together.  That’s sounding more and more super womanish to me and that woman retired a long time ago.

When I turned 40, I did have a time that I called my “40 year maintenance”.  I did the peels, facials, etc. but drew the line at injecting anything.  Poison in my body didn’t sound like a wise choice given the fact that the women I’ve seen do it no longer have the ability to convey emotion but could possibly keep themselves afloat with their plump full lips.  I ask you, “does this look good”?  Is this what aging has become?  My answer to that is no.  I earned my stretch marks giving birth to the world’s most incredible daughter. (OK, a little prejudice on that).  I like the lines that frame my lips.  It tells people I laugh A LOT.

Don’t get me wrong, I will do what I can to keep the dreaded sentence “You look good…FOR YOUR AGE” at bay.  I will work diligently on my body and my mind while hopefully showing my daughter to do the same.  Aging is inevitable.  We watch our children grow, our parents age, and our bodies change with each passing year.  To do this with grace, dignity, and a little humor makes a woman beautiful.  To me, my wonderful tribe of friends is doing just that, and I adore each and every one of them for their uniqueness.  After all, that super woman chick ain’t got nothing on us.