School Supplies

Photo Credit: 3dcart

Maybe it’s just me, but does anyone else love the end of July where all our favorite stores start bringing out their new school clothes and supplies? I swear, I can almost smell the notebooks and crayons! This year has special meaning for me. As I said in my last post, my daughters will both be starting school this fall. This is the first time in years I get to really shop all the back-to-school sales and have a purpose behind it, yet I cannot help but feel a little sad. My daughters are growing up and will be having so many new experiences and learning so many amazing and fantastic things, but they are no longer my cuddly little babies. However, there is a light side to all this bittersweetness: my school supply addiction has a real purpose after being on hiatus for almost ten years!

When my oldest daughter went to preschool, I made the mistake of buying her some supplies, when really a bookbag was all that was needed. So, I have been shopping around and believe it or not, Toys-R-Us has extremely amazing deals on everything from crayons to bookbags. With most of those bookbags, you get a free lunch box as well, and with all the delicious packed lunch options now, those lunch bags come in mighty handy.

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Something else I noticed is that some of these stores put a basic school supply package together that shoppers can buy and then donate to those in need. I plan to have my daughters be a part of this to help them understand that not everyone is as blessed as we are to have everything we need and most of what we want. If you feel this same need and want to give back, keep an eye open for these donation places for school supplies, and let’s teach our children to give to those less fortunate.