My husband and I have been “trying” to conceive now for 7 months. My sister-in-law is a doctor of Eastern medicine in San Diego and she recommended acupuncture to help increase fertility. Since I am petrified of needles, I was extremely nervous, but at this point I am willing to try anything.


Photo Credit: The Heart Nest

I had my appointment 2 days ago, and it was extremely thorough. My husband went on the appointment with me and together we answered the long list of questions. She asked about my complete medical history, my diet, sleeping habits, energy level and bowel movements. She explained that my body hadn’t fully recovered since the miscarriage. Since my last two menstrual cycles were longer than normal, she felt I needed more blood flow, especially in the uterus. She told us that my body needs to be completely connected for everything to work in unison. She said that acupuncture is used to get the energy flowing properly or “chi” throughout my body. She then told me to lie down and immediately I was terrified. I was able to lie face down so that I couldn’t see her put the needles in. She put roughly a dozen needles in my back, wrists, and ankles, and I am happy to say that only one caused significant pain. She also heated a cigar-like stick, or moxa, and used it to warm the needles in my lower back.

The entire appointment lasted approximately 90 minutes. She prescribed a multi vitamin, fish oil, and wheat grass on a daily basis. She recommended the book “The Infertility Cure.” This book does not infer that I am infertile; it simply suggests ways of using Eastern medicine to assist with becoming pregnant. She made me feel very comfortable and I was pleased that I attempted this option. I have an appointment in the next 2 weeks and am hoping for a positive result! If anyone has had luck with acupuncture and fertility, I would love to hear your story.