Workout Wednesday Review.

Last Saturday we did a open house type class at Moksha Yoga in Cincinnati.  It was hot yoga and I had no clue what to expect or what I was getting myself into.

First, let me say this; I am the most non-flexible person you will ever meet.  I am not proud of this but it is true.  My mind moves a million miles a minute and yoga has never appealed to me because I have to be still in the class and that isn’t really my style.  But, I will be honest I really liked the class and it is exactly what I need.  It is quiet, you are left with the instruction of the yoga teacher and your own thoughts. As a mom of two young boys my mind and body is always moving so this class was great to settle both the mind and body and take some time for ME.

The room is over 100 degrees with 40 percent humidity.  It is radiant heat so everything is warm including the floor.  As soon as I walked in, I started to pour sweat.  I think everyone was sweating; but I sweat like a pig so I was soaked.  The moves were fluid, but I wasn’t and the instruction was great which I appreciated.  There were modifications given for advanced and beginners alike and that was fantastic because I was a little stressed about some of the moves, but they got easier as it went along.  I also liked that the instructor gave an explanation of what we were cleansing in each move. It was a 75 minute class that went really really quickly.

Here are some of my beginner tips for hot yoga class:

1.  Take a bath towel to put over your mat; it will prevent your mat from getting slippery and gross.

2. Wear pants or capris.  I talked to a friend who does hot yoga and she said to wear shorts.  In my opinion pants or capris would have been better.  My legs were so sweaty and slick that my hands would slip off of them in some of the moves.

3.  Hydrate before, during and after the class.  I didn’t hydrate enough after and ended up with a pretty nasty headache.

4.  Be sure to read the signs before entering the yoga room. Like unroll your mat before you get into class so that you don’t disrupt others when you enter.

5.  Even if you are a cardio queen or an iron diva; there is room for yoga in everyone’s routine.  I am going to try to make it part of my weekly workouts; flexibility is as important as the cardio and strength training.

6. In the beginning on hot yoga days I wouldn’t workout before going.  I made this mistake and I was sore and very tired the next day.

All in all, Moksha Yoga of Cincinnat and N. Ky is very fun and a great way to ease your mind and body.  The studio oozes with serenity and peace…Oh and for those of you who are clothing junkies they sell Lululemon as well as other adorable clothes in their studio too.

Thank you Moksha Yoga for letting us come out and try the class.  It was a great time.

Your race, your pace, your journey!