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Exercising is a great way to both keep fit and healthy while blowing off some steam, especially as a mom! But there will always be days where it can be tempting to sleep in and forgo my morning gym visit. To keep things interesting and get me motivated, I always make sure my gym bag is stocked with the latest entertainment to make my cardio sessions fun, plus anything else that may be required for me to get the best workout possible in the shortest amount of time! Here is what is inside my gym bag.

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Printed workout from Skinny Mom’s website: Skinny Mom does a great job of putting together workouts for all types of exercising styles: yoga/relaxation, high intensity, strength training and more! It takes the guessing out of what I am going to do when I arrive at my fitness center, all while keeping my body guessing by changing up routines.

Workout gloves: I enjoy weight training as a means to keep my muscles toned; however, it can hurt my hands when using dumbbells and I want to avoid getting calluses as much as possible. Therefore, a trusty pair of workout gloves are always in my gym bag.

Water bottle: Pretty self-explanatory! Hydration is necessary to replenish the water lost while exercising through sweating. Because my workouts are within an hour, I do not bring any snack as nourishment is not typically required for such a short session. Nonetheless, if you are one to work out two or more hours, a snack may be a good addition to your gym bag.

Magazines or a book: While doing cardio, I may decide to read an article or two from a health-themed magazine or catch up on my latest novel.

Cell phone: I’m a mom. Enough said.

Ear buds: I am lucky to have a fitness center that has plug-ins for ear buds. This allows me to listen to the televisions that are playing above my cardio machines. If your gym does not have this type of technology, don’t worry! You can download Pandora, a free app onto a cell phone and plug your ear buds into that for your listening entertainment.

Keys: Can’t forget these! That’s how I get to said fitness center!

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