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I am blessed with an amazing child who has autism. Even as parents, it was hard to connect and understand her struggles and what she needed from us. She could read but was unable to connect or talk to us. I had read some articles by Temple Grandin, Ph.D., and loved her insights. She is known as the most accomplished and well-known adult with autism in the world. Her books and presentations offer an inside look at the autistic brain and share techniques on communicating with people living with autism. Her goal is to inspire people and to change the mindset that many parents and professionals believe, “Once autistic, always autistic,” which then causes them to be given less opportunities for growth and success.

I purchased her book “Thinking in Pictures” and read it in just a few days.

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After reading the book, I better understood how my daughter thinks. With therapy and the guidance of this book, we were able to start connecting and talking with my daughter. We could understand each other better. She is a literal thinker and has a hard time understanding nuances or grey areas in daily social settings. I now understand how I must talk or relay information to my daughter so that it makes clear sense to her.

Temple has many amazing books including “The Autistic Brain“, “The Way I See It: A Personal Look at Autism and Asperger’s” and “Emergence: Labeled Autistic“. “Thinking in Pictures” was the start of understanding and building on communication, social and frustration understanding with my daughter.