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Growing up, the word healthywasnt really used in a conversation of my life. I remember watching my parents try all the fads to lose weight when I was younger: low-carbs, diet sodas, gastro-bypass surgery, energy supplements, etc. I was too young to be included in this fad, but I really wish that I was taught at a young age why they were participating in these activities and how to prevent it for myself when I became a woman.

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Childhood education to prevent obesity just wasnt one of the fads back then. At some point, as I started putting on weight and beginning the struggle of obesity as a teenager, it became a topic of discussion, but vaguely so it would not hurt my feelings. But ultimately, I just didnt understand the concept of health outside of energy pills and diet sodas.

Fast forward to college when I began learning more and then participating actively in low carb eating, which for a college kid meant low carb quesadillas, hot dogs and green beans every day for seven months! Oh yeah, that isn’t a joke. I did lose weight, and then my hair, and then my complexion.

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Fast forward again to getting married and having a baby, between honeymoon eating and the second trimester of my pregnancy (I couldn’t eat anything during the first). And hey, guess what, you bet I put on all of that weight I lost from my terrible low-carb lifestyle, and then some.

But it’s time for a change, ladies. For my life, for my husband and for my son. It is time for a change. So I am learning as I change and I would like you to be apart of it. You can learn with me and help keep me accountable as I learn. This isn’t a fad, or a whim, or even a New Year’s resolution, ladies. It is a New Life Resolutionand I want to share this time of growth with you. The good, the bad, and the really, really hard but worth it.

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For the next 30 days, I am simply learning to run and to run right. I will also be implementing portion control in my meal planning and I will be drinking the recommended amount of water each day. That is a start and I feel it is the best way to start: slowly.

Goals for the Next 30 Days

Exercise: Intervals of walking and running and the end result is being able to run a solid three miles. If you are interested in the running schedule, comment to this article and we can learn to run together. Click here to read about running tips for beginners.

Eating: Learning portion control utilizing the “simple platemethod.

Water: 64 Ounces

My Current Measurements

My Height: 53″

My Current Weight: 169.4 pounds

Upper Arms: 11.5 Inches

Thighs: 22.3 Inches

Waist: 42 Inches

Bust: 41.5 Inches

Hips: 34 Inches

My Before Photos

Dani Groveland Before photos

Dani Groveland Before photos 2

Dani Groveland Before photos 3