It’s become very clear to me that in life you’re really lucky to have a few true friends. We all have hundreds, some thousands of “friends” but I mean, ” True blue, do anything for ya forever friends.” With the creation of Facebook, Twitter and the such, many of us are lucky enough to reunite with countless people we have called friends through the course of our lives. But what really makes me think is this….Why is it that when women or girls meet it seems to be an immediate competition? But when men or boys meet they are almost always accepting and show immediate comradery and support of each other?

We as women, busy with our lives and families, trying to do it all need each other more than anything. How wonderful would it be to think that anyone of your girlfriends had your back for anything? Whether it be helping with your child, being a workout buddy, carpooling or even just listening to how you may be feeling about something significant that’s happening in your life.  I’ll admit I myself can be stubborn and skeptical. However, I do one thing that has led me to knowing and loving many people. No matter who I meet, regardless of whether they rub me the wrong way or not, I find something I like about that person.  This can be very tricky at times,  and I really have to look and think long and hard about it. But there’s always something.

This is my hope as I write this post. That we all embrace our friends, drop our judgment or grudges. Do what we can every day to be the kind of friend we would want to have. The power of intention if very strong in everything we do.   ~ So here’s to all of you… My new friends. I’m happy to be here with you.