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I did it! I got back into my skinny jeans! Actually, we did it. To be honest, if I hadn’t made a public commitment to do this I’m not sure it would’ve happened! There were so many distractions and excellent excuses for goofing off. In fact, I’d like to make a confession. When I started this quest, I was having a hard time “getting in the mood”. You know what I mean. I had the desire to get into my skinny jeans but I didn’t feel like I had the energy to work my tail off and meal plan, etc. I was tired. I was busy. I was tired of being busy! Then I found Quest Protein Bars.

By having one a day, they gave me something positive to focus on. Substituting a snack, and even a meal on occasion, with a Quest bar helped me to be less “busy” and the protein helped me to feel less “tired”, propelling me into a full out run. Losing 6 pounds in 3 weeks gave me the confidence to enter a 90-day transformation challenge at Lifetime Fitness! This quest became an important stepping stone for a much bigger journey and it highlights the importance of setting, meeting, and celebrating tangible, realistic, and short-term goals.


Photo Credit: Quest Protein Bars

I’m back in my skinny jeans from the spring! Something to celebrate for sure, but I’m not going to stop there. I want to win this transformation contest. I am now on a quest to wear a little red dress! I’m pledging myself to do this not just for me, but for all the busy and tired moms out there who need that extra shove to make themselves a priority! I challenge you to go on your own quest. Please share with me (with all of us)  your goals and dreams and together we can do this. Let’s embark on a 90 day quest together! Comment here and remember to leave your email and share with us your 90 Day Quest Goal.

Want to try Quest Protein Bars for yourself? Click here to buy. A giveaway was provided for this post. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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