Today marks day 95 out of 100 and the temptation has begun. It is officially Girl Scout cookie season and I’m the mother of a Girl Scout Junior, so that means my house is loaded with cookies! I have never felt so determined to sell cookies in my life.

Girl Scout Cookies

Now in normal conditions, I’d be enjoying a box of Samoas, especially with today being a heavy snow day. Nothing says cozy like cookies and milk with your favorite book and slippers. But that act wouldn’t be aligning with my goals and the aspirations I have set out for myself. I feel as though if I can beat cookie season, I can beat anything. (I should get a t-shirt made.)

So instead of dwelling on what I didn’t want to have for the sake of my dreams and debuting a tight body in May, I started thinking of what would be just as good and still on the path of my success. I decided to have a few “blueberry muffins.” You can never go wrong with muffins and especially muffins that are low cal, packed with protein, no sugar and baked by yours truly. Two blueberry muffins and a cup of 30 calorie unsweetened vanilla almond milk did the trick. I had on my comfy slippers and read my favorite book by Joyce Meyer, “Change Your Words, Change Your Life.” I was able to relax and enjoy the snow-capped mountains, read my book that helped me reassess my focus, and enjoyed some very yummy muffins.

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Dieting or opting for a healthier lifestyle can seem so challenging. When you’re constantly viewing the restricted items/food as your happiness or your freedom it can destroy your journey. Instead, use that energy to find healthier options, learn new recipes, or reassess your focus. If you’re constantly feeling like you’re down or missing out, you need to take the time and figure out what will work for you and not against you. I love sweets so I have taken the time to learn how to make great tasting baked goods and desserts that wouldn’t stand in the way of my goals. I often start my day with some yummy muffins. It works for me and it keeps me from feeling like I’m missing out on something…such as Girl Scout cookies.

Wishing you all wealth in health!