Yes, it is that dreaded C word, the one we hate even more when it’s time to head to the pool or the beach. Cellulite, there we said it, now let’s talk about what it is exactly and most importantly how to fix it!

We all know what cellulite looks like when we have it or see someone who has it, but what is going on under that dimpled skin? The dimply look occurs when fat deposits push and distort the connective tissues that are beneath the skin. Cellulite is actually more common than you might think and can develop in both males and females of all different body types. Ninety percent of women and 10% of men are affected by this condition.

One of the reasons women are so prone to developing cellulite is that their production of estrogen begins to decrease as we age and this decrease becomes more rapid around the age of 35 or 40. This lack of estrogen causes decreased circulation, which leads to decreased collagen production. Around this time, fat cells also start becoming larger than they are at earlier stages in our lives. Because these fat cells are larger and the collagen is thinner, they begin to protrude through the collagen, resulting in that lumpy look.

While there are a few other biological reasons women develop cellulite more than men do, you’re probably mainly interested in how to prevent it or make it go away after it starts showing. While there is not much you can do to prevent the natural development of cellulite, there are a few things you can do to prevent other factors from causing cellulite to appear. One of these thing is to change your underwear! By this we mean wearing underwear that does not press into the body in areas where there are large fat deposits. If you see panty lines, they are actually the areas where you are cutting off circulation. And as you read earlier, decreased circulation can lead to cellulite. Your best bet is to wear thongs.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet with regular meals and avoiding foods high in saturated fats and refined sugars can also help prevent or at least slow the development of cellulite. However, diet alone will usually not be enough, you need to keep moving! Aside from getting your 30 minutes of heart-rate increasing activity every day, you need to make sure you don’t stay sitting for too long. This takes us back again to the circulation issue. If you have a desk job, be sure you get up and walk for a few minutes every hour or as often as it is possible for you.

There are a ton of creams and lotions on the market that claim to eliminate or reduce the amount of visible cellulite you have. However, it is important to keep in mind these products only target the fat cells and do not do anything about the cellulite that is caused by decreased circulation or the distorted connective tissue. Some other treatments that have shown to work pretty effectively include vacuum rolling and radio wave machines, laser treatments and subscision surgery.