As moms, we all experience very busy schedules that are unique to us, our family, and our daily responsibilities. In order to live a healthy life, fitness and your time working out needs to be a priority in your schedule. Here are nine easy tips to help squeeze a workout into your day!

1. Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier: By setting your alarm earlier than usual, you have extra time to get moving and start your day! Instead of trying to cram in time during the afternoon to get your workout in, these extra 30 minutes can be set aside to get an early morning work-out. (photo credit here)

2. Treat It Like a Mandatory Meeting: Would you miss a work meeting because you didn’t have time to go to it? No! So why not treat your daily workout as if it’s a mandatory meeting? Plan a specific time each day that you set aside strictly for working out. This meeting with the gym is a time that you absolutely can’t miss! If you mark a workout with the same importance of a meeting, it will be a guarantee that it will get done each day!


3. Log Off Social Media: Instead of spending an hour on Facebook and an hour on Pinterest, get off the websites and get to the gym! After you are done with your workout and other obligations, your down time can be used for social media. You can always catch up with your friends, but your workout can’t always wait! Nothing on social media is as important as your health. (photo credit here)

4. Take the Long Route: Choosing to take the stairs over the elevator, parking in a spot far away from your building, or walking the long route to your destination are all small steps that can provide a quick workout. If you don’t have 30 minutes or an hour to dedicate to working out, doing these activities provide physical activity that you wouldn’t otherwise be doing. Although these are small exercises, they can pave the way to bigger and more intense exercises when your schedule opens up.


5. Exercise While Watching TV:
Don’t have time to catch up on your recorded shows and workout? Why not do both at the same time! It’s easy to do simple exercises in your home while you’re watching the television. Crunches, jumping jacks, crunches, squats, and many more can be done right in front of your T.V. So you don’t have to miss your shows. It takes your mind off the exercising while providing a good workout! (photo credit here)

6. Take Your Dog on a Longer Walk: While you’re out taking your dog for a walk after work, stay out for an extra 15 minutes walking them. They’ll appreciate being outside for longer, and you will appreciate it too! Because walking your dog is so routine, it won’t even seem like you’re working out longer. These extra 15 minutes of walking or running will add up at the end of each week!

Woman Stretching Before Exercising

7. Harder Workouts in Shorter Time:
If you have a hard time finding time in a day to dedicate to working out, make sure you can spare at least a few minutes! During that short period, you can make your routine more intense to make the most of your time. That way, you feel like you got something out of it all while saving an hour or more! (photo credit here)
8. Workout With a Friend: To help you stay motivated, it’s always good to have someone to call when you want to work out. Having a workout buddy forces you to have a daily routine. Setting up a specific time that works for both of you will help you stay on track and get you to the gym! Also, having more than one workout partner will be beneficial if one has to cancel!


9. Sign Up For a Class: Signing up for a class through a studio or a gym can help make sure you workout everyday. Preregistering for classes ensures that you will show up so you don’t waste your money! Having a planned workout gets you in the routine so that it becomes something you enjoy doing rather than something you dread. There are many different classes ranging from activities like yoga to spin classes. Check your local gym for the different options! (photo credit here)