woman posing in underwear with a perfect butt

Butts are it in 2014.  Just in case you missed the writing on the wall (aka Beyoncé’s booty heavy last album), the good people at Sports Illustrated put three tushies on the cover of their annual swimsuit issue.  And these gals don’t have pancake bums, they have booties.  So how does one get a round bikini booty?  With a combination of exercise and good old fashioned trickery!

Sprint: The bums on US track and field sprinters are insane.  High, tight, and round…everyone should be so lucky.  Although luck has nothing to do with it, sprinting does.  Since pushing yourself to full out sprint can be tough, enlist the help of a friend with a ferocious dog.  Have them take the dog off the leash every couple of blocks during your next jog, and you’ll be running for your life and on your way to a gold medal caboose.

woman sprinting on street

Cinch It: One way to fake an hour glass figure derriere is to cinch your waist super tight. Like as tight as you possibly can. Making your waist look teeny tiny will make your bottom look fuller and rounder, so suck in your gut and remember that pretty hurts, just like Beyoncé said.

woman looking at herself in mirror wearing a dress

Squats, Squats, Squats:  Add some squats to your daily routines, yes routines!  Waiting for the coffee to brew, do some squats. Commercials during The Real Housewives Of Wherever? Time for squats. YouTube video of funny cats buffering? Hold a squat. Waiting in line at the grocery store?  Freak everyone out and count out some squats.

brooke griffin doing a squat

Padded Undies: A thong might prevent visible panty line, but it’s not going to help anyone fake a sweet rear end.  Luckily for those afflicted with flat-bum-itis, there’s padded underwear.  Investing in some may be the quickest way to an apple bottom. (photo credit)

woman wearing padded underwear

Spin Class: Spinning burns serious calories, like 700 calories. Yowza.  Spin classes really focus on the lower body and a good class will leave your legs feeling like jelly, in the best possible way.  Every pedal rotation is a step closer to a J Lo booty.

group fitness cycling class

High Heels. Marilyn Monroe may have sung about diamonds being a girl’s best friend, but in all due respect she was wrong.  High heels, a good pair of high heels are a girl’s best friend.  High heels not only elongate the legs, but they also make a lady’s backside more prominent.  Posture when wearing high heels usually causes one to push their butt out a little. Just telling you to take every advantage you can.

woman wearing gold heels

Eat It: A strong bum cannot be built from carrot sticks and Snackwells.  A strong butt needs protein, so give it some.  Eat for the tush you want, not the tush you have.

skinny bbq peanut chicken tenders

Use Your Illusion: The secret to making any bum look better in jeans? Pocket placement.  Make sure your jean’s pockets are centered at the fullest part of your butt. It’s the easiest way to make your can look great.  Also, the farther apart the back pockets are, the wider your hips will look.  Too close together and you run the risk of losing your curves.  If the pockets are placed too high, they’ll make your bum look long and flat, too low and they’ll make your legs look short. (photo credit)

woman strong butt in jeans

Trust Skinny Mom: Put your butt in Skinny Mom’s hands. Okay, that probably came out weird, but trust Skinny Mom to tone up your rear. There are tons of great workouts at your fingertips, like this or this. Take a few minutes to peruse the fitness page and you’ll have workouts for the whole week.

brooke griffin doing a burpee box jump

Okay ladies, are you ready to have the booty of your dreams? Just think, if we start now we’ll be giving those Sports Illustrated cover models a run for their money come summer!