One trait we need to remember is the importance of being comfortable in our own skin. We all have our insecurities and flaws and below are nine great ways to embrace them in a positive way.

1. Spend Less Time In Front of Mirrors: Instead of pointing out the things that are wrong with your reflection, point that energy in a more positive direction.

2.Wear Clothes That Highlight Your Goodies: Wearing clothes that flatter your body instead of highlighting your problem areas will boost your confidence.

3. Put Down Fashion Magazines: We all do it. Comparing ourselves to stars and supermodels with trainers, personal chefs, makeup artists, stylists and nutritionists is completely unrealistic and emotionally exhausting.


4. Say “I Am Beautiful”: Say it everyday and say it out loud. Saying it aloud and often is a great way to remind yourself there is nobody else like you and you are beautiful in your own ways.

5. Exercise Regularly: You don’t have to run a marathon but exercise is good for all systems of the body and helps clear your mind. It helps target those problem areas that have you feeling negative in the first place.

6. Surround Yourself With Positive People: Hang out with the optimists. If you only spend time with people who are negative, it will eventually rub off on you too! Make positivity a lifestyle.


7. Stand Up Straight: Maintaining good posture will help you feel more confident about your body!

8. Keep a Journal: Get the negative thoughts in your head onto paper. This may help you let go of those thoughts and feelings.

9. Love Yourself: Make yourself happy doing the things that you love or things you’re good at. Make time for you.