Here it comes, winter. The cold, bitterness, dry, damp, dark, toe numbing, sleep-inducing weather is coming or has already shown its face. While I love winter here in Chicago because of the holidays, the beautiful snow, and enjoying a cozy night in with my family; challenges have already been made evident when it comes to having fun. Many of my most enjoyed spring and summer activities included taking walks with my son, going to the beach, exploring Chicago, playing at the park, going to the zoo, and picnics with friends. Obviously, the majority of these activities can no longer be done during the winter months, so how can we beat the winter boredom? I’ve decided to compile a list of activities that can be done in the home with baby, outside with baby, where to takes classes with baby, and also some activities just for mommy to do.  There are a number of resources available to us in Chicago, so why not take advantage of these perks?!

  1. Gymboree: Gymboree has classes and activities for all ages! If you have not been to a Gymboree class then you can take advantage of a FREE class on them. Currently, Gymboree also has a deal going on where you receive $50 off enrollment and you receive $25 gymbucks ON THEM!
  2. Local YMCA. The YMCA is a great resource for many things: Lowered price on a gym membership, classes for kids, recreational sport leagues, arts and crafts, etc.
  3. Chicago Park District: Classes offered are exciting for all ages: Arts and ABC’s, Moms Pops and Tots, Floor Hockey, Gymnastics, Tap/Ballet, PlaySchool, and Soccer! All of these are offered for the season for very reasonable prices!
  4. Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN): Become a part of the largest organized parent community in Chicago!  Membership offers year-round benefits to all Chicago parents – new or seasoned – as well as parents-to be.

During the holiday season there are a lot of places that offer the following:

  1. Tree lighting (Daley Plaza)
  2. Breakfast/lunch with Santa (The Signature Room)
  3. Winter Wonder Fests (Navy Pier)
  4. Ice Skating (Millennium Park)
  5. Pictures with Santa and his Elves (Usually any mall will have this opportunity)

*Check your local listings

Lastly, something for mommies ONLY is FREE classes at Lululemon! They offer many varieties of yoga/exercise classes as well as running groups, demonstrations, and tons of shopping to do before or after. Can you say SCORE? Check your local Lululemon and subscribe to their Facebook pages for more information.

I hope this list helps you all out during this chilly season and allows you to get out of the house and have some FUN!

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