You may have heard the phrase “summer bodies are made in the winter”, but if you are anything like me, you are relying on the month of June to get beach ready. Unfortunately, June brings with it a multitude of opportunities to sabotage our health and fitness. Warm weather and ice cold beverages are just the tip of the ice[cream]burg. Here are some ways we sabotage our health and fitness during the summer. Make sure you aren’t making these mistakes this summer!
1. Putting the Gym Last: If you try to do everything on your perpetual to-do list before the gym, how often will you make it there? (photo credit here)
2. Listening to Saboteurs: Don’t allow partners or friends to pressure you to skip workouts or add in late night ice cream runs.
3. Getting Off Schedule: All winter you enjoyed shopping and prepping your fridge on Sundays but now you are enjoying picnics until dusk. Make Monday the new Sunday. Create a routine that works with the chaos of the season and not against it. (photo credit here)
4. Having an Empty Belly: If you are starving you are more likely to eat something you will regret later. Try to stay satiated so you don’t impulse eat.
5. Not Getting Enough Sleep: Nothing kills motivation like being over-tired. (photo credit here)
6. Being Unprepared: If you don’t have the right food in your fridge you will either eat the wrong food or not eat at all. Both options will sabotage your health.
7. Not Having Enough Fun: If you are bored try mixing up your normal workout with a Zumba class or Krav Maga. (photo credit here)
8. Picky Eating: Stop eating the crust off your kids sandwich! Costco sells a tuxedo cake that is worth the calories, but your kid’s leftovers aren’t!
9. Making Celebrations about Food: Celebrations are about people! Although it is important to have balance (and fun!) make sure you don’t undo all the hard work you put in at the gym. Especially, when you may have multiple opportunities in one weekend. (photo credit here)