woman with healthy skin and orange slices

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so why would we not treat it well and nourish it? It will love you right back! Follow these 9 easy steps and you’ll have glowing skin in no time.

  1. Wash your face daily with a gentle formula based on your skin type and use tepid water for rinsing. Tepid water provides comfort without scolding the skin. It’s also a great way to retain moisture.
  2. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week. Exfoliating buffs away the dead skin providing you with a smooth canvas and fresh glow. Check out Kitchen Creams: DIY Exfoliators!
  3. Feed your skin. Try increasing the amount of all natural products used in your regimen.
  4. Moisturize daily. Find a good moisturizer that is suited for your skin type.
  5. Increase your SPF. Sun rays can damage skin. Protect your skin with a SPF of 30 or higher.
  6. Drink more water. If you’re dehydrated, your skin will show it. Aim for about 32 ounces a day. It’s also a great way to flush out toxins. Check out our favorite way to hydrate: Slim Down Detox Water!
  7. Clean your makeup brushes. Makeup brushes can get full of bacteria and cause breakouts. Be sure to clean them at least twice a week.
  8. Eat healthier. When you’re healthy on the inside, it will show on the outside. Feed your body with foods filled with nutrition, and it will nourish every part of you including your skin!
  9. Go to sleep earlier. Our bodies need rest to rejuvenate itself. If you are sleep deprived, your skin will be the first place to show it. The only bags you want are the ones you’re carrying on your arm.