Having a hard time getting motivated? Need help reaching your goals? We’ve found the latest and greatest tech tools for you! All of these gadgets will help you to meet goals you set, and keep you motivated along the way!

Swork It:¬†This app is for working out anywhere. Tell the app how long you want to exercise and what part of the body you want to work, and it’ll create a custom work out! You can buy it from the iTunes App Store here.


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Tinké: This little gadget is a great fitness tool. It accurately measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation as well as your heart rate variability. This device plugs directly into the charging port of your iPhone for easy access! Buy it here.


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Turfly: This app had divided the work into football field sized ‘turfs’. Each time you walk through a new one, you get points. Walk the neighborhood and explore new areas to gain points and claim your turf! Get this app here!

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Cubii: Don’t let the long office hours keep you from fitness! With Cubii, you can get in a light workout all day without thinking about it! This under the desk mini elliptical will help keep your blood sowing as you avoid a stagnant lifestyle. Pre-order your own Cubii here.


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Booya Fitness: Don’t have the time to attend fancy workout classes? You can sign up for Booya Fitness! Each day, you will get a video for a 30 minute workout you can do in your home to save yourself the travel time of going to the gym! Find out more by clicking here.

booya fitness

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GAIN Fitness: Build a workout designed specifically for your fitness levels, goals, equipment and schedule, all in the convenience of an app! Get this app here.

GAIN Fitness

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Push Up Training System: This is great to work on your upper body. It comes with an easy-to-follow DVD as well as a workout calendar. It’s color coded, so you can work different muscles with ease! Buy it here.

push up training system

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Vint: Like a dating site for trainers, this app will help connect you to the fitness instructor of your dreams! Book a class through this app and get ready to get fit! Get the app here.


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8fit: A fitness and nutrition plan without any hassle. Set a goal, follow instructions, get fit. It’s actually that easy! Click here to get the app.


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What are some of your favorite tech tools for fitness? Let us know in the comments below.

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