Ever come across an old photo of your mom–you know, a photo from before you even existed–and thought, “Damn, my mom looks good” and then “OMG I want that whole outfit”? My daughter, Jayne  who is turning 16 in February tells me this everyday.  She is quite the fashionista! We often swap pieces and accessories on a daily basis. So here is the question, does she dress “older” for her age or do I dress “young” for mine? There is no right or wrong answer, because as I said many times, you are as old as you feel and fashion has no boundaries. I mean, I’m not running around in daisy dukes, but I do love to take a look and transform it into my own. My daughter has a classic style, she fancies neutral tones and has an eye for accessorizing. She favors Anthropologie and Free People over Forever 21 and Charlotte Russ.  With that said, there are many interchangeable pieces we have in our fashion rotation. Luckily for me, we share the same sense of style and are able to share clothes. Now if only her feet will catch up…I’m a 7.5 and she’s a 6.5. Ahhhhh, the shoes we could have!!!

Here are 9 looks that can easily be shared with your teenage daughter, providing her taste and style.


From earrings to toe rings, we share everything, which really comes in handy for those special occasions when she needs a little sparkle.

Bootsocks & Tights

We have an endless supply of boot socks in our house. We both LOVE wearing them under our boots, though I prefer them under  leather boots and my daughter prefers them under her UGG’s.

Denim Shirt

This classic staple should be in everyone’s closet. My daughter has a lighter colored hue, but I prefer a darker version.

Vests & Cardigans

These are such cute versatile pieces and we love to share them. I love my Cardigans more fitted so we are able to share these. She is always after my cream (faux) fur vest, but I will not share that one.

My daughter and I

My daughter and I

Scarves, Hats and Gloves

From arm sleeves to berets, we are always heavily armed for the cold weather. Scarves are an obsession for both of us!

Beauty Products

Now this can be annoying at times! But, we both have the same palettes of shadows. My daughter is blonde and I am brunette so sometimes we tend to differ in lipsticks and glosses. Between the two of us, we have enough makeup to last us a lifetime.


Sharing jackets is great because we have variety and options. Especially when I prefer a long down coat, but sometimes want to wear a shorter one. We have one of each and it works out great!


This is the best, because if we like the same bag we just get them in different colors. My daughter is more into brown and I prefer black so it works out well, especially at Christmas time.


This is my favorite look with a cute lace slip under a sweater. Luckily, my daughter loves this too. Pair this with tights and boots and you are set!

*The key to sharing different looks with your daughter is that you must share the same taste. For me, this is not a problem.  Now if she suddenly develops a liking for bright colors, I’m screwed!