Packing your gym bag with water bottles, heart rate monitors, deodorant and towels is hard enough. Who needs the hassle of trying to pack all the supplies to re-beautify yourself post-workout?! Don’t fret. We have some great suggestions to make the transition from gym to public way easier. Here are 9 looks that can leave the gym and last all day:

1. The Simple Twist: If you are frantically trying to get changed, don’t fret trying to refluff your curls or blowout your hair. Take a small section of hair and twist it. Take the end and pin it back with a bobby pin. Tons of people will think it’s a braid even though it only took two seconds to create!


2. Patterned Yoga Pants: These are in every fitness apparel line on every shelf. From animal print to abstract textures, these are the next wave of must-have fitness apparel.


3. Off the Shoulder Sweater: Flashdance never truly left my heart anyway! Throw a loose sweatshirt over a bright tank and you have a super cute look!


4. Layered Tops: Wear a bright colored tank and pack an extra loose, crop top. Throw on the fresh top on your way out the door and you are ready to go. Get this outfit at our Polyvore here.


5. Beaded Gladiators: You don’t need sneakers for a quick yoga session right? Well, wear some beaded gladiators in and slip them back on to tackle the rest of your day in style. Yoga pants are an errand outfit staple. A cute tie-dye or watercolor top channels the zen vibe as well. Get this outfit at our Polyvore here.


6. Pack a Pair of Cute Hoops: I say hoops because there’s something edgy about them and they don’t look weird with a hoodie or baggier casual outfit.


7. Add a Headband: We love Gap’s fitness line Athleta. Check out this awesome twisted cotton head band. That tiny twist detail dresses up your bun or ponytail just a tiny bit more than a basic, flat headband.


8. Re-Invent Your Ponytail: There are tons of fabulous ponytail looks that are so simple to create but so polished looking, you may just smack your hand on your forehead, “why didn’t I think of this before?!” One great example is the inverse ponytail. Click here for the tutorial found with the image below.


9. Throw on a Cute Shrug or Cardigan: A great Aztec cardigan goes a long way. Most of the time fashionistas rock this cardigan with leggings anyway. You would hardly notice the difference if you paired it with yoga pants or cute running shorts. Find this cardigan at our Polyvore here.