The only thing I love more than a great household “trick” is sharing it with everyone I know. Some of these tips and tricks I came up with myself, some I learned from family or friends, and some I picked up along the way from sources unknown. Regardless, I can personally vouch for all 9 of these tricks. They utilize simple household items and and can quickly (and cheaply!) make your life a lot easier.

Baby Powder: Apparently baby powder is “sand kryptonite!” If you have ever tried using water to remove sand from your kids post-beach, then you know it’s less of a sand-remover and more of spa-worthy skin exfoliation treatment! Skip the water and use baby powder instead. Your kids will end up looking like a powdered doughnut, but I guarantee there won’t be a single speck of sand on them. Passed on to me by Danielle Catando.


Baking Soda: If smelly diapers bum you out, especially during these hot summer months, try sprinkling baking soda onto them before you tie the bag and throw them in the trash. The baking soda absorbs the stench from the soiled diaper the same way it does in your fridge. I use a sugar dispenser, but a grated cheese dispenser would work as well- just make sure to label it so the babysitter doesn’t mistake it for baby powder. Passed on to me by Andrea Santa Maria.


Empty Tissue Box: My friend Tracy Leone showed me how to use the empty box to store empty shopping bags to be re-purposed as poopy-diaper-disposal-bags or for emptying small trash bins. I keep one in every room in my house as well as in my car.


Gallon Freezer Bags: Tired of sifting through your kid’s overnight bag or have them come home from day-care providers or grandparents in mismatched outfits? Make packing a cinch with freezer bags. Use gallon size freezer bags to organize your kid’s clothes by outfit. I use a hole punch to create breathability. Not into plastic? You can use large organza bags as well. (photo credit)

change of clothes 2

Honey: Sun, salt, and chlorine can wreak havoc on your skin. Try changing up your beauty regime and use organic honey to wash your face. Honey both cleanses and moisturizes your skin, and it can be used as a hair treatment as well. It’s not as sticky as you think, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it washes away easily with some warm water.

honey jar

Efferdent: Pop a denture cleanser into a foot bath to remove the yellow from over-polished toenails.


Dental Floss: Did you ever buy a cute racerback shirt only to get it home and realize you don’t own a racerback bra to wear under it? No problem! Loosen your regular bra straps and tie together in the back with dental floss to create an instant racerback bra. The floss is so thin it won’t show through.


Tea Bags: Looking for a quick, non-permanent or non-toxic tan? Try tea-bag tanning! Although the originator of this recipe has produced an actual product, she still shares her original at-home recipe on her website.


Shoe Hanger: Thanks to Pinterest, and my mother creating a board just for me, I have organized my too tiny linen closet by hanging a plastic pocket shoe hanger on the inside of the door. There are so many pockets you won’t know what to do with yourself! (photo credit)