Some may say all desserts are simply too good to even eat, but these take the cake–literally! Over the past few years, baking has become a true art form. Now more than ever, people are able to show off their skills with sugars and confections. Luckily a few have shared their tricks. Check out these 9 desserts that are “almost” too good to eat:

1. Rainbow Cake: Bright, beautiful and classic. This dessert is all about the coloring. Remember your skinny swaps! (via One Charming Pantry) (photo credit here)


2. Candy Sushi Rolls: There is less of a recipe for this beautiful “sushi” dish and more of an assembly list. Basically, you grab the ingredients and copy the pictures–not a ton of cooking, but a TON of patience is required! (via The Darien Peach)


3. Hamburger Cake: Patty Cake, Patty Cake, baker’s man, bake me this cake as fast as you can! Kids will adore this burger cake. It has the best of both worlds: vanilla and chocolate cake! (via Gluesticks Blog)


4. Ombre Mini Cakes: I’m loving this purple/pink color scheme. We all know how much I obsess over glam, pink accessories. These mini cakes are no exception. Swap out regular cake mix for low fat, no-added sugar options. Or, vary the sugar between regular and Stevia. You can also use egg whites and nonfat milk. (via Glorious Treats)


5. Paleo Watermelon Cake: How easy is this recipe?! Take a regular watermelon and add a delicious coconut cream cheese frosting, coat it with some almonds and more fruit and you have a true fruit cake. (via Paleo Cupboard)


6. Pie Pops: You can do this by hand with the given recipe or you can use the Babycakes Pie Pops maker to craft these mini apple pies. Either way, these pie pops are adorable! (via Bakeaholic Mama)


7. Snowcone Cupcakes: Such a cute idea! The key to this recipe is sugar sprinkles. I can’t believe how real this looks. Remember to grab the no-sugar added cake mix to cut down on fat and calories. (via With Sprinkles On Top)


8. Rainbow Jello: You can always sub the regular jello for sugar free versions! Use Cool Whip Free for a great low cal topping. (via Glorious Treats)


9. Cherry Pinwheels: How can you not have some sort of cherry pie during the summer?! Swap out half the white sugar for some Stevia, egg substitute instead of the whole egg or use ArrowRoot instead of the cornstarch. These pinwheels are sure to be a crowd pleaser! (via My Crowded Kitchen)