I, along with a lot of you, made a vow to slow down and enjoy the Advent season this year.  How did it go for you?  We did have a fabulous Christmas season because we chose not to overextend ourselves this year and remembered the real reason for the season.  This also inspired me to re-think my morning routine.  I deactivated my Facebook account in August, and it was shocking to me how freeing that was.  I never realized just how stressful the whole Facebooking routine had become.  The morning of the big Facebook deactivation, the first four friends’ statuses that popped up on the homepage were negative rants and airing of drama that should never have been revealed in a public forum.  Enough was enough.  I never realized just how much these negative posts and their drama really affected me.  I kind of joke about it now—calling Facebook a land of drama and photoshopping.   All kidding aside, I now start my morning with a bible devotion and prayer time and then a good workout.  On deadline days, bible time comes first, then work time and a workout follows.  Not only are my mornings happier, but they are more positive and productive. Someday, I may log back onto Facebook–maybe.  Until then, I will enjoy the break!

Is there something that is weighing down your life?  Maybe this New Year is a good time to examine your stressors and see if they really have an important place in your life.  I love this article from psychcentral with suggestions about boosting your morning mood.