If you take the time to read all of the gazillion articles out there about healthy eating, you may suffer from information overload. It seems that tips and tricks for a healthy diet seem to change daily. Is it okay to drink my coffee or not? Why are they telling me not to eat sugar? These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to nutrition and figuring out what is healthy and what is not-so-healthy. Fortunately, there are ways to eat healthy every single day without giving it much thought. Here are some easy tips to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.

Craving sweets? Grab some fruit. If your body is really craving some sugar, go straight to your fruit bowl and grab that orange. Not only will your sweet tooth be satisfied, but your healthier choice also just saved you calories and gave you Vitamin C. Boom!


Throw veggies in with everything! No kidding. Some of you may already do this for your children, but pretend that you are also five and do it for you! Chop up some zucchini and shred some carrots and stir them in with your spaghetti sauce. Add spinach to your smoothies. It won’t alter the taste, only the color. These are just a couple of easy ways to give your body much-needed vitamins and fiber!


Select smart substitutions. Do you love rice? Try quinoa. It’s just as delish, but will give you the added protein boost. Craving mashed potatoes? Mash up some cauliflower and add a few seasonings. The taste as well as the health benefits are phenomenal! Are you a fan of pasta but want something a bit more figure friendly? Cook a spaghetti squash and substitute that for the pasta. This is just as satisfying without the excess carbs. Plus spaghetti squash will give you loads of potassium and vitamins.


Cut out the deprivation! Seriously stop depriving yourselves! Have you ever noticed that when you tell yourself that you can’t have something to eat, you want it even more? Deprivation is never a solution for a long-term healthy lifestyle! If you want some of that chocolate cake, cut yourself a reasonably sized portion and savor it. Not only will it satisfy your craving, but you will actually enjoy it. And if you feel like you have overindulged don’t beat yourself up about it! Tomorrow is another day! Temporary setbacks happen to us all.


Order that dressing on the side. When you go out to dinner, make sure you request your dressing on the side, and not poured all over your salad. Dip your fork in the dressing and then enjoy your delicious salad. Dressings are notoriously calorie-laden, so this will save you calories while still allowing you to enjoy the flavor of the dressing.


Make your water bottle your constant companion. Grab a bottle, fill with water, carry it everywhere, repeat. Water is the champ when it comes to drink choices. Sip water throughout the day and you will reap the benefits of energy, a normal appetite, and healthy well-functioning body systems. Water also helps you beat the belly bloat.


Savor smaller serving sizes. Use your salad plate for every meal. This really works. Using a salad plate allows you a lovely plate full of food, provided your serving sizes are normal. Serving sizes have become over inflated. When dining out, start with a nice, green salad and either split your entree with your dinner date, or have half of your dinner boxed to go. The awesome thing is that you will have something delicious to eat for lunch the next day!


Always eat breakfast. Some people wake up and just aren’t hungry. I am one of those people. The benefits of eating a healthy breakfast far outweigh the costs of skipping the first and most important meal of the day. Avoiding breakfast sets you up for a binge later in the day. Skipping breakfast can put your body in starvation mode. Think of breakfast as exactly what you need to do: break your fast. You have been sleeping for hours with nothing to eat, and you need to fuel your body with a balanced breakfast. Even if you aren’t hungry, a little breakfast (a smoothie, a piece of whole wheat toast, or a banana) will give you energy for your day.