Want to get a head start on what will be popular in 2013? Here are a few tips to get you ahead of the fashion game!

  • Monochromatic tones will become more popular than the multicolored tones we have been seeing in 2012.
  • Even though monochrome will be popular, patterns will also play a part in the 2013 fashion. Any kind of pattern you can think of is going to be on the clothes you may wear.
  • Colors that are ever present in the spring time will be popular also. Look for corals to pastels. Fashion for the future will be trending.
  • Futuristic fabrics that almost give  you a feeling like we really may be living in a society where cars fly and robots are at our service will become popular.
  • Tops that show some skin will be trending. Look out for an almost 80’s type cutoff shirt to become popular.
  • Mixing very bright colors with very dark colors will trend.
  • Wearing clothes that are form fitting yet comfortable will be hot in the summer of 2013.
  • Last, leather will become a hit again. Anywhere from dresses to jackets. You name it and leather will be going with it.

2013 looks to be a very exciting year in the fashion world.