You finished your workout (great!), but you’re not done just yet. Following exercise, your body needs to restore energy and repair muscle tissue to allow for growth. Here are some great post-workout treats to help you re-energize and continue building those muscles.

1. Chocolate Milk: A simple glass of chocolate milk helps rebuild your muscles with protein and the carbohydrates refuel your energy. Plus that little bit of chocolate helps satisfy your sweet tooth and keeps you from grabbing an unhealthy sweet treat.


2. Greek Yogurt: This snack is loaded with protein. While most yogurts will give a decent amount of protein to fix muscle tears, Greek yogurt contains double the dose. Bulk up this treat with some healthy granola or fresh fruit. (photo credit here)

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3. Banana: Full of complex carbs and minerals like potassium, a banana is one of the best post- (and pre-) workout foods! I also like to top an English muffin with some peanut butter and banana slices. (photo credit here)


4. Fruit and Nut Mix:  The sugars in fruit and the healthy fats that nuts contain will give your body that needed energy to keep you pushing through the rest of your day. One of my favorite go-to fruit and nut mixes is Skinny Mom’s Fruit and Almond Trail Mix. It is a flavorful blend that definitely satisfies!


5. Turkey Sandwich: Choose whole grain bread and a lean protein like turkey to build and retain muscle mass. Load this quick treat with veggies for something more substantial or feel free to keep it simple. Don’t negate your healthy option with calorie-loaded condiments! For more healthy topping tips, read Condiments: The Best & Worst For Your Waistline.


6. Smoothie With Protein Powder: Mix together your favorite fruits to restock your sugar and fiber levels. Add veggies for plant protein and a scoop of your favorite protein powder to rejuvenate your body. Don’t get stuck in a smoothie rut because the recipe options are endless. Click here for our favorite pinterest-inspired smoothie recipes!


7. Coconut Water: A sweeter way to hydrate than regular water. Coconut water replenishes the electrolytes lost during your sweat session. Still not convinced? Read 4 Reasons You’re Crazy Not To Drink Coconut Water. (photo credit here)


8. Cottage Cheese: Add a little fruit to make this protein-packed snack more of a treat. As a source of dairy you’ll also get a kick of calcium to retain bone health. For a different taste, add a small potato or cup of broccoli to your cottage cheese and top with red pepper flakes. Another healthy snack with a variety of options!