Do you ever have those people in your life that say “nice” things that happened to be wrapped up in an insult? You know, those times where you don’t know if you should thank them or stare them down? Over the years ,I’ve racked up quite a few of these moments. Now, in general I have a hard time taking a compliment (I think a lot of us do), but some compliments are so weird I have no idea how to handle them.  Do I simply say “thanks” and walk away?  Or do I demand a clarification?  Maybe just an ambiguous “ok”?  Well however you’re supposed to handle an odd compliment, here are a few of my favorite ones I’ve received over the years.

Have you ever received an odd compliment?  Or maybe you like to give them?  Let me know in the comments!  In the meantime, let’s just keep politely smiling and saying thank you next time someone tells us something like “you’ll be a really attractive older woman.”